Terminal Imprinters Equipment
Standard Flatbed
Bartizan 2010
The top of the line flatbed 2010 is referred to as the "Cadillac" of imprinters. The Addressograph Bartizan 2010 has been a best seller for years for its high quality, reliability, durability, and flexibility to accommodate special needs.
Bartizan 4000
Terminal Imprinters The Addressograph Bartizan flatbed 4000 is the ideal imprinter forĀ  terminals. Its Zantec base is stronger and more durable than aluminum. It produces a cleaner impression at just a fraction of the cost of our competitor's aluminum bases. Our interlocking screw and nut combination holds the desired imprint intensity for a million cycles.
Bartizan 4850
Merchant Imprinters Its low flex base won't bow or bend like other low cost alternatives. The overall product and print quality are better and it is more durable. Our optional "No card, no print" feature means a sales clerk can't process a transaction without a credit card so you won't lose a sale.
Model 515
Merchant Imprinters Data Systems Model 515 Flatbed Imprinter is expressly designed for imprinting credit card sales drafts. The 505's compact size minimizes its space requirements, and makes the system easy to store when it's not in use.
Portable Imprinters
Bartizan 990
Merchant Imprinters The 990 is compact and light weight, making it easier for people to pay for your products and services - and more convenience for your customers means more sales for you.
Bartizan 4200
Merchant Imprinters It is used by food deliveries, taxi cabs, limousines, in-home sales, tow trucks and airline duty-free carts. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Simply insert the customer's credit card together with the appropriate sales slip, slide the lid to the right and a perfect impression is produced in one pass.
Bartizan 505
Merchant Imprinters The Data Systems Model 505 Portable Imprinter is the ideal solution to your mobile printing requirements. Credit card sales drafts are easily and accurately imprinted anytime, anywhere, making your transactions more secure and increasing your sales.
Pump Handle
Bartizan 871
Merchant Imprinters The Addressograph Bartizan 871 is a compact, versatile pump handle imprinter capable of producing high-quality impressions for a variety of data capture applications. With the 871 imprinter, crisp, readable impressions can be created time after time.
Bartizan 875
Merchant Imprinters The Addressograph Bartizan Imprinter 875 is our economical pump handle model.
Bartizan 535
Merchant Imprinters The Data Systems Model 535 is extraordinary robust, yet very compact and durable; the results of its' unique design and sturdy construction. The Model 535 is the cost effective solution to your printing requirements that will provide many years of dependable service.