ATM Equipment
Tidel Model 3100 ATM
ATM Machines The Model 3100 ATM from Tidel is engineered to provide a value priced, low-cost, high reliability cash dispenser. It includes a wealth of features that are usually available only in higher end models.
Tidel Model 3400 ATM
ATM Machines The first thing you'll notice about the Model 3400 is the vibrant 10.4" color display. With twice the resolution of any dial-up cash dispensing mechanism in the market, this spectacular display is only one of the added value features of Tidel's newest, most innovative ATM.
Tidel Model 3600 ATM
ATM Machines In the ever-changing world of value added services you need an ATM platform that is capable of growing with you and providing the performance and features that this consumer driven market demands. Introducing the 3600. This value priced ATM system provides you with the industry leading features.
Tidel Model 3700 ATM
ATM Machines Your location may not serve 24/7, but that doesn't mean your customers can't have access to cash. The 3700 was designed to provide financial institutions and retailers the convenience of 24-hour access to cash in a secure and affordable platform. This fully-weatherized ATM has been certified under UL 291 for outdoor deployment and conforms to all current and proposed ADA specifications
Tidel Model 3800 ATM
Terminal ATM When you need advanced data processing and multimedia performance from your PC-based ATM platform, Tidel has you covered. The 3800 provides all the necessary horsepower and features to run today's demanding transaction, security and advertising related applications on a surprisingly cost-effective platform.
Triton 9100 ATM
Terminal ATM Triton's new 9100 series ATM is designed from the ground up to be dollar-for-dollar, the lowest cost ATM in the industry, & features Triton's unparalleled reliability.
Triton RL5000 ATM
Terminal ATM Triton's PC-based RL5000 is changing the way people think about ATM's.
Triton RT2000 ATM
Terminal ATM For many high-traffic locations, there has simply never been a cost-effective way to provide customers with access to a 24-hour walk-up ATM. Most of the big, traditional ATMs. Triton RT2000 ATM is perfect for drive thru and other on the go needs.